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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 20, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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john tweeted. perhaps it's time for the library to step down. eddie e-mailed us. no score should be kept at kids games and everyone should get a trophy. thanks for all of you who responded and who are watching this morning "fox & friends" is starting right now. good morning. they were punished for not doing their jobs after the benghazi attack today. four state workers are back at work because john kerry said they deserve to be. what does he know that we don't? a hollywood death mystery, a man shot dead and found in olivia newton john's house. the details straight ahead. >> i swear to god, one of these
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days, i this piece of out the window e. >> what drives you crazy at the office? we've got the list of rages. wait until you hear which one made it to the top and perhaps the one thing that puts you over the stop. "fox & friends" starts now. >> the problem when we do stories like this. everybody weighs in and start noticing those things as well. >> tweet us and tell us your office rage. what drives you crazy. >> we're forced to weigh in at a time we're usually showering or not here at work. they got to us early they want to toe what the rage was. >> are you saying you didn't shower this morning? >> no, no, i did. i just had to think a little earlier than usual. >> we need to get right to your
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headlines tuesday morning and the latest on the crisis in egypt. overnight a brand-new report that the united states secretly cut off aid to egypt. that's according to democratic senator pat leahy, the white house refused to definitely say whether it believes mohammed morsi's ouster was a coup or not. the army is trying to fiejd out if by a b-1 b bomber crashed. the crew is part of the 28th bomb wingout of south dakota's else worth air force base. they are all expected to be okay. and, this morning there's a death investigation under way at home of olivia newton john.
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a man was shot dead from a gunshot wound at her home in florida. initial reports are saying that the man was a contractor working on construction. reports also saying it was a suicide, but as of now, police aren't runing out foul play. and one of our nation's bravest heroes just scoring a big victory against the ncaa. remember we told you about this yesterday. marine steven rhodes has been cleared to play right away from middle state university football team. the defensive end served with the marines. the ncaa said he couldn't play because he took part in military only recreational only football league as he served our country. >> that's the first thing i did, thank you, lord. that's my first step towards my dream. so got to give 100% in everything i do. >> the blue raiders season opener is august 29th against western carolina. good luck to him. that's great news.
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>> congratulations, that's wonderful for him doing the right thing. meanwhile is this the right thing. after we started to put together a number of pieces regarding bengha benghazi, there were hearings on capitol hill. an advisory board reviewed everything, and then in early december, four mid-level officials with the department of state were said, go clean out your desk, turn in your badges, you're in trouble. apparently placed on administrative leave until we figure out how badly you screwed up. fast-forward half a year. john kerry figured out the facts and said they didn't do anything wrong. they can come back to work. >> nobody is wrong, nobody pays the price. after they were told to turn in their badges after thomas bickering and andrew mullin revi reviewed the case. these four mid-level employees. not susan rice, nobody higher
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up. these four mid-level employee said hey, i don't know what the heck you are talking about. we are scapegoats and now they are in legal limbo when told, come to work today. so they go in. the secretary of state that was there, is gone. she has nothing to answer for. the new secretary of state said i don't know what happened before i got here, i see no reason to get rid of them. here we are, almost a year to the day no one paid the price except the whistle-blower, he's still dealing with the demotion. >> we aren't saying there's anything wrong these guys did and something with them is being covered up, they said they didn't have anything to do with libya policy and didn't have anything to do with the events leading up to the terrorist attack on benghazi, but they've been out of a job or off the job, rather, but not out of a job for eight months until today, they'll be coming back and now, are we ever going to get to the bottom of this? sounds like we'll not be getting answers. >> no. >> and still no arrests in the case.
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i know some people very close to this and say, look, those four people were scape goets in the first place. they need to blame somebody. hillary clinton's state department, et cetera, did. they suggest the people who really should be looked at are patrick kennedy and secretary of state. and beth jones. everything that he did, mr. kennedy did, was okayed by hillary clinton. so, he was never actually interviewed regarding the security lapses there. and it does look like everybody who is around mrs. clinton, not involved here, nobody lost their job. in fact the only four people who lost their jobs over benghazi are the four people who died. >> yeah, what difference does it make. we remember that. >> exactly. >> here we are coming up on one year since the attacks. so many embatscys were hit. what have we learned, what have we done, how are we affected? the administration was absolutely affected.
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remember when word gout out that he was given the go sign. we evacuated 19 embassy, everybody out. and what about this? does that have a role in the fact that we have have not, we thought, cut off aid to egypt deskriet the coup and the up-ending of what some say was a democratic election. yes, but it turns out, there's a third option. could be, instead of yes, cut off the aid, no, we will not cut off the aid, how about we cut off the aid and don't tell anybody. we cut off the aid secretly. >> a lot of lawmakers took to the sunday shows to ask for that. why is the president secretly doing this. we mentioned this in news shows that the obama administration has done that. some are saying that then that gives the flexibility if they decide to reverse this decision. then they're not going get, you know, caught with their panties
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down, essentially. >> right. so the administration apparently is considering suspending $250 million in aid, but that 1.3 billion in military aid that we told you about. absolutely not. they're not going to do anything with that. one of the worries is given ha happened in benghazi. if we cut off the aid with the military, the military which is protecting american interests and protecting u.s. embassy over in cairo, those generals might say, you know what, americans have not done anything for us lately. go ahead. it's wide open. >> morsi allowed the embassy walls to be breached. there almost was a benghazi attack in cairo. they were almost over there and our men and women could have been held hostage. here's the thing, i don't think egypt cares about our indicate. they're getting it from qatar, from saudi arabia and believe it or not. i don't care how it happened.
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you do not wand a muslim brotherhood running any country especially egypt. that was allied when morsi took over iran. these three countries got together, because they are scratching their head about what our policy is and they formed their own network. it doesn't matter what our $1.5 billion does. >> and when you hear about the president doing this, is he basically saying, you know what, this is just going to be another blow to my administration if there is another attack or is this the right thing to do? >> yeah. good question. although, you got to figure since we've been supplying aid to egypt for close to 30 years, you know what, the gravy train, they don't want to cut off. >> they are used to it. >> it's easy money for them. meanwhile, we talked about this at the top of the program where we had to bleep that guy on television because he said something in the office that
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just bugged him so much it literally -- >> literally the office, the movie. >> it seemed inappropriate. >> how often are you beset by office rage? >> there is no paper jam. i sbaer to got, one of these days, i'm going to kick this piece of out the window. >> you and me, both, man. thing's lucky i'm not armed. >> there's a new survey that come out in british papers. over half that country apparently at least twice a day suffers with some sort of office rage where something happens where they are so angry they just can't take it. for instance, a technological thing like we saw there. the printer screws up. you can't logon or you forget your pass word. >> or over use of social networks. long smoke breaks, some of these things are things that bother you. what about catholics that suck
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up to their bosses. what about gossips at work. what bugs you at work. what makes you rage? >> how about you, steve? >> something that both irs me. here we are in the confessional, don't tell anybody. it bothers me when i see somebody on their computer that looks like they're working but they are playing solitaire. >> where is the reward in solitaire, by the way. >> they're playing -- >> i beat the machine. >> looks like the -- like tetrus with the fruit. >> do you have a rage? >> for me it's technology, too. i try not to curse, but that's one thing that gives me a potty mouth, if the printer crashes. i remember when i was just starting in this business, everything was broken all the time because our tv station was local in a small market and nothing works. >> i want to throw stuff and -- >> yeah, they were -- >> yeah, it's true. anyway, it makes me want to cry
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my eyeballs out. >> one thing, i get a stapler, and there's no staplers. i don't know why people as americans don't feel compelled to a stapler. i don't, because i'm too busy. i don't want to do it. remember it drove tiki barber crazy that bothered him more than the steeler defence, he come in and couldn't get a stapler. then he went to nbc because of that. >> you love staplers, because you are a very organized person. >> thank you, steve. >> the reason i say that, in about 45 minutes, i'm going ask him where his notes are. >> and i will have no idea. >> and i'll say where is my wheel? and i look out and he has my rundown for the show. >> i just had an epiphany. you should staple your notes to
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your coat. >> if i could find a stapler with staples, i would do that. >> not a bad idea. >> what bugs you at the office. left us know, twitter u us @foxandfriends or e-mail us at fox and >> christian students can't pray or talk about their faith in school but art declaring god is dead is all right? how is this all right? outrages parents are going to be taking action. >> then, if you've ever seen a helicopter hovering over -- hey, that's the statue of liberty. >> that's tom petty. wonder what the relationship is? ♪ i'm free free fallin'
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parents of a georgia county public school are concerned about artwork hanging in classroom walls, specifically a drawing that says god is dead. pictures include a line from the play "the crucible" by arthur miller. the school say they are a reflect of the play not a religious statement. parents are asking if kids can't pray in school or include religion, why is it okay to hang that sign up. krista mitchell and scott pence have a daughter in the class. good morning. >> good morning. >> your daughter came home and said what hanging on the wall. >> she said there were pictures that god is dead and satan was alive. >> show found that offensive? >> it was a little misleading. what she knew of the story. of course it made a little more
3:18 am
sense to her. but was misleading. >> scotty, you're upset with something like that. that god is dead, was allowed on the walls of the public school. >> the thing that gets me is it's not so much they are not allowed to pray in school. they can disappear in corners and do what they want to do. it seems to me if the school says we do not have religion in school through the academic part of things, if you're not going to teach god, or teach the good of god, you shouldn't be plastering god is dead, satan lives, there's no heaven only hell. it doesn't sound like a positive thing for kids to come in and see. you never know that you have a kid that's borderline fighting depression and that's what is hanging over his shoulder on a wall. it doesn't make a lot of sense, you know. >> after your family had complained, i guess the school board decided to do what about
3:19 am
this? >> they decided to talk to the freshman and sophomores in the school an possibly help them under the art. my take on that was the kids that are coming in now should be allowed to have their own interpretation of the book "the crucible" rather than someone else's, you know, take on the book. >> it would seem to be that whoever decided it was going be okay to put those drawings up on the wall and keep them here, keep them there year after year, it would seem that person is making a determination over what the kids see. and i know in the school there is something that says "in god we trust" as well, right? >> yes, there is. >> right. >> in their defence, there's two parts to that. let me word it this way. the thing that get he's is this. say there's 15, 20 students in the classroom and if the whole classroom had the assignment to do. there's 15 or 20 drawing, there's not 15, or 20 drawings on the wall. with that being said, who made
3:20 am
the decision heyer we're only going to hang the five or six, that say god's dead, satan lives, there's no heaven, there's only hell, then it raises the question if you're going to do this and hang this, how are you saying there's no religion in school? in their return defence, well, we've got "in god we trust" hanging up on other walls. that's not the same. you're not saying that we're going to preach the bible. we're not saying we're going to preach anything. zero means zero. if you're not going have it, you shouldn't have it at all. i don't think we should have religion in school. everybody has that freedom p of choice. if you're not going to have it you shouldn't be speaking bad about it either. >> scottie and crystal. thanks for joining us to tell your story. >> thank you. >> what did you think about that? meanwhile, he's admitted to gunni gunning down soldiers now nadal
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glad you're happy. quick headlines a plane makae a emergency landing after a passenger tried to open the emergency door. they had to stop in memphis to get the passenger off the plane. the suspect now in custody. and your first look at photos of prince george. they were taken by kate's father in the gordon of the middleton's family home and the other picture, william and kate and the royal baby are joined by
3:25 am
their cocker spaniel whose name is lupo. and the story behind that and the golden retriever, tilly. >> beautiful family. >> they are doing everything like normal people do, rather than royalty. we saw prince william put the baby seat in the back of the car. we heard him saying he's changing diapers and kate's dad is taking pictures rather than a professional. >> they are just like that. they took that picture and went back to the castle. where the servants were there to take their hat and top coats. >> lower the moat. we need more film. >> and the jacks went left and right of them. >> jack, queen, king. >> 6:25 is the time and we have to get to this as well. the prosecutors in the gas against major nadal hussein could wrap as early as today. >> ford atkinsson is live in ft.
3:26 am
hood texas, where the trial is expert ekted to begin in four hours. what can you tell us this morning? >> reporter: good morning. guys the real proceedings coming out of court proceedings yesterday is what the judge would not allow to be presented into evidence. the judge would not allow hig about his mind set, about his motive. the prosecution wanted to introduce witnesses, wanted to introduce evidence that would indicate that radical islam is definitely nadal hussein was inspiring him. the judge would not allow that. she said it would be prejudicial and be irrelevant whether or not he killed 13 people and wounded 30 others back in 2009, a crime, by the way that he admitted.
3:27 am
a cleric, who some people say inspired hasan to carry on the rampage. the judge allowed computer evidence, evidence that indicated that two hours before the sooth, hasan was looking at radical muslim websites and read the message, called to jihad. that's what is coming out of the court as of yesterday. today, the prosecution is very likely to rest its case. back to you guys. >> that is just so outrageous to think you can't bring up radical islam when that's actually what the defendant wants. he said i want to die for this cause. s it ate reason i get it and the judge is not allowing the defendant to say the reason behind the murders that he admitted committing. >> at the same time, that's giving him a platform if the judge lets him do that. >> he's got a platform if the judge represents himself. >> thank you for the live report from texas. keep in mind, this is not
3:28 am
terrorism. this is workplace violence. >> unless you talk to him who claims he's a terrorist. >> here's what is next on the rundown. the man who helped ed snowden expose the nsa, now a government target. brand-new information in just overnight. >> and couch potato, bryan. >> yeah. this new gadget is for you. how you can watch tv without even sitting up. i want glasses where you can be on tv without -- >> that would be interesting. you'd be at home right now. >> i would be. what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's
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>> you mean you bought the x-ray specs? >> yes, i did. they look like regular ray bans and got zebra stripes that allow you -- >> yes, i also diagnose fractures and i do satisfy your dedu deductible. david is in the green room. i'm sure he wants to talk to us about that. >> he's talking about juice, sugar. >> today, nutrition. >> meanwhile let's talk a little about this. look what happens when you expose the government. the guardian newspaper over in great britain, apparently, government agents from the united kingdom showed up at the newspaper and started to destroy the hard drive at the newspaper because they said that they wanted to make sure that they kept any information that glenn greenwald, who reported there reporting on edward snowden, wanted to keep all of the files away from the chinese. oh, is that all they were doing?
3:34 am
because at one point one of the officials told the editor, okay, we've had your fun. now we want your stuff back. so the guardian newspaper is deciding, okay, you wanted to expose and start a dialogue in this country about the level of privacy. you've done your ldialogue, now it comes to an end. his mate, his partner, i'm thinking, sailor -- >> there you go. >> his partner, evidently, is a guy that helps him out all of the time with stories and he was also detained at the airplane and questioned by british authorities and we got a heads-up for nine hours, under what he's allowed to do under section 7 terrorist law in britain about different material that he had on him that would actually pertain to some of the information that edward snowden provided to this journalist. so we know that snowden stole his information. we know greenwald reported on
3:35 am
this information and published it as much as possible so the british are going out of their way to stop the bleeding. we're fully weighed in on this. >> we're read in on it. >> but the obama administration, are they coming forward and saying whether they support this or are against this detention? no. they are staying no. if it weren't for edward snowden, this wouldn't be a national conversation, we want a balance between surveillance, security, and liberty and we also want to know if we're being spite on and it also make us think what happened with the department of justice and our very own james rosen, is this what happens when journalists are doing their job? >> it does look for some that they would detain this guy for nine hours at the airport. we can toll you for nine hours. i saw statistic, less than .1% of held more than six hours, they held this guy three hours
3:36 am
longer than that. and for some it looks like retaliation or intimidation guy the government. hey, glenn greenwald, if you mess with us, we'll mess with your family. if they're messing with the family, that's not a good thing. if the guy was a courier an apparently they did go ahead and take some of his electronic gear. if he was a currier, then it gets a little murkier. they're trying to clamp down on this guy's family, that's not good. >> he was delivering something for a movie on the whole snowden situation. nine hours is the maximum they can hold someone. is there a terror act in britain? we'll find out. snowden is still living in russia. he has a lot of information he stole when he worked at dell and another agency with a government contract. he did it and he's going to continue to leak it. >> he said i have a lot of information that i haven't shared. united states, you better look
3:37 am
out. 36 minutes past the hour. we need to get headlines. this is a horrifying ordeal for the lead singer of the band the calling. he was abducted after leaving a music festival in michigan. listen to the 911 call after the singer was found on the side of the road. >> he's bleeding all over the place. >> where did you find him? >> he's walking down the road. he was limping for a couple of hours. >> well, he suffered a fractured spine, 15 stitches in his chin and three broken teeth. the suspects took off in a blue minivan and are still on the loose. >> in a bizarre move, dimaggio made his grandmother the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. the two lived together for a few years before he bought the home where he killed her mom and
3:38 am
brother. he was shot and killed earlier this month. scary for dick van dyke. apparently he was driving on an l.a. freeway when all of a sudden his car caught on fire. >> it just started making a noise. and i thought i had a flat at first. then it started smoking and it burned to a crisp. not only that there was a fireman, a nurse, and a cop just happened to be passing by. somebody is looking at me. >> indeed. three good samaritans rushed dick van dyke after the incident. he tweeted a picture of what was left of the jag. with the caption used jag for sale. real cheap. >> he has a sense of humor. how about this. georgia university spelled college with three ls instead of two. fortunately only 14 graduates of
3:39 am
gru college of arts and social sciences actually ended up getting that. those are your headlines. real quick, sports as well as murder. police found the murder weapon used in a double homicide last year that may revolver former new england patriot star aaron hernandez who is in jail. police say this woman had the gun in her car but said it belonged to a friend who played football. police began investigating hernandez's possible involvement after he was arrested with the death of odin lloyd in june. he's pled not guilty. >> as we move on, missy frank-going for gold in a new setting. the olympic swimmer who won the medal while a high school student is going berkeley.
3:40 am
she will keep all her medals at home. the iconic landmark home to death defying stunt. that's orlando duke taking a 75-foot plunge with a statue of libbers it as a back drop. duke is a ten-time world champion diver. he made the jump to welcome the red bull cliff diving world series to the u.s. it's this sunday in boston. >> i will be pre stlug on friday in boston. >> cliff diving, hopefully not that high, though. >> any chance you would recreate that? >> if i went down this way instead of this way. >> canon ball? >> belly flop. >> it is 20 minutes past the hour. we have an extreme weather alert for you. firefighters in oregon breaking for a dramatic day. look at these images. the growing concern is a burning wildfire forcing the evacuation of dozens of houses at this
3:41 am
hour. only 10% contained. maria molina, what they could use, they could use lower humidity. rain and no winds. >> yeah. that's right but unfortunately that's not what is in the forecast for them. we have all the conditions not good for firefighters to combat these firefighters across sections of oregon, idaho and california. we have multiple wildfires burning across parts of the west western u.s. we have low humidity and even a chance of isolated thunderstorms. you think oh, that's good. we can get rain from some of these storms. the problem with these storms they also have lightning and some of that could spark new wildfires across the area. of course we continue to keep an eye on the developing situation out here. a number of red flag warnings do remain across the west. another big story is the flooding going on in sections across the u.s. that remains in place. more showers and storms expected over the next several days.
3:42 am
another big story with the weather, the heat is back, summer is back in the midwest, into the northeast. today's high, 88, we'll be in the 90s in indianapolis and bismarck. let's head bark to the studio. >> it is still summer. >> there you go. >> at least two more weeks we have bands booked. summer concert series will be raging on. or we'll book somebody on the stage. next, five pillars of islam. detail on the controversial teachings have parks outraged. and did you know that juice is worse for you than soda for your kids as well? that's the claim. is it true? we have more coming up. >> doesn't look like he has the classes, brian. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's
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there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. got some quick headlines four right now. parents in a public elementary
3:46 am
school in kansas shocked to find this out. a giant wall display promoting the five pillars of islam in kansas. the school said it's part of a religion component being taught this year and other religions are also represented. officials agreed to remove the board until that subject comes up in the classroom. >> and the new iphone will be available. and, get this, it's going come out in gold. the tech giant apple is set to reveal two verges of the iphone 5 on september 10th. there will be a cheap one and the more expensive version. the phone will be brushed gold, color not actually gold. apple will be coming out with that in the month of september. all right. over to you and the doctor. >> i want to get one of those, you'll cover it up with a case anyway. >> next time you take a gulp of your favorite soft drink. remember this, one can of sweetened soft drink per day can
3:47 am
result in a 15-pound weight gain each year and that doesn't mean just soda, folks. a new study said juice can be just as bad or worse for your health. here to weigh in is dr. david somati. good morning to you. >> even if you see something that says 100% juice, how much sugar is in it? >> this juice is a big problem. if you watch this on sunday, we talked that fructose is not good for us. we pushed a lot of soda. but this has been the secret problem behind the scene. if you look at some these joyces over here, 12 ounces of them, you get about 14 teaspoon of sugar. want to know how much it is? watch this. this is a lot of sugar, for a kid, every day. this is where obese it in this country is coming from. >> and they're in drinks that we
3:48 am
think is very healthy, too. welch's grape juice? >> we can still drink it and f we dilute it? >> what happens with the liver, you get this kind of sugar, just like this, goes to the liver, the liver cannot dissect this and analyze this, everything becomes fat as opposed to fiber, where you take a piece of apple that slowly gets into your system. same thing with the other one. some have less sugar and it's still a problem. really v-8, which is three teaspoons per 12 pounds. some have a lot of sugar, some hathe numbers. welch's grape juice has 15. pom has 14. you thought the caprice sun wouldn't be as healthy. that's coming in at 8 teaspoons and v 8 with just three.
3:49 am
when people say they are going on juice cleanses what kind of juice are they drinking? >> those mostly vinegar and lemon. as a surgeon. we've been pushing a lot towards pomegranate, because of antioxidants, and tomato is a big one. if i have to choose between two. this one has less sugar. this is the one that i want for my patients. what i say, if you have the choice, try to eat the actual fruit itself. the sugar gets in your system slowly as opposed to a big surge of sugar. >> as opposed to the fiber. >> doctor, we got to leave it there. >> nice to see you. here's what is coming up. he won five straight contests at a local library. instead of being patted on the back he's told to step aside so other kids can get a chan. do you think this is fair or foul? we'll report this. remember when brian wrestled a gator?
3:50 am
police had nothing on the kid who had his entire neighborhood on the attack. that boy is going to do it next. ♪ ♪ see you later so then the little tiny chipmunks go all the way up... ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
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3:53 am
>> i thought something fell in the water. when i turned to look, it was an eight foot gator coming out of the water full speed, mouth open and hissing. >> brian: an alligator terrorizing a neighborhood until one 12-year-old boy comes the rescue. after four hours of trying to nab the gator twice his size, he caught it, wrestled it out of the water with the help of his grandfather. joining us right now, 12-year-old gator superstar wrangler, joey, and his grandfather, the owner of critter management, joe. it looks like they brought a
3:54 am
couple of friends that even i could handle with them. welcome, guys. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> brian: no problem. joe, why was your grandson the perfect one to take the lead in this situation? >> i was exhausted. it was a hot, sticky summer day. we can't have alligators coming out of the water biting people. so it had to be removed. >> brian: so what did you do, joey? you saw this gator. you said you've been around them since you were three. how did you spring into action? >> i hooked the gator and then i reeled it in. my grandpa put a snare on it and we pulled it up the bank and then he jumped on it while i held the rope. >> brian: wow. >> i taped it up. >> brian: you taped up his mouth? >> yes, sir. >> brian: wow. so what was it like, joe, sitting there watching your
3:55 am
grandson take on this gator? were you nervous? >> no, not at all, sir. he's done several hundred over the years. i won't let him get in danger. i won't let him get into a position where he'll get hurt or bruised or banged up. it's safety first and foremost and once we have the alligator and we have him exhausted, i can control with my weight and joey -- i can hold his mouth. >> brian: for people that only see alligators at the zoo, what would you say is the key to seeing an alligator out in the wild and suppressing it? how do you approach it, joey? >> i don't really know. >> in the wild, i don't know that that would be a problem. >> brian: you go from behind, right? >> yes. >> brian: how do you exhaust him >> tell them what you do. >> we put the snare on them and
3:56 am
then just, like, let them roll and tire themselves out. >> brian: what do you say to people -- joey, what do you say to people who say you're a hero? >> you're not a hero. he's just a hard work young kid trying to make a buck. >> brian: you pay well, joe? >> no. [ laughter ] >> brian: all right. there is a future catch in your hand. joey and joe, thanks so much for joining us and talking about your -- >> joey -- >> brian: go ahead. >> jody got the bigger of the deal today. >> brian: all right. thanks a lot. >> we brought ali and ali with us. >> brian: they look nice. get rid of them before they get too big, all right? thanks. >> absolutely. >> brian: have a good day. coming up straight ahead, you know the nypd policy, a judge just ruled against stop and frisk? guess what? some of the country's biggest weapons smugglers busted saying they were afraid of it.
3:57 am
now what? plus, miraculous moment a kid hears for the first time. >> i hear that! >> good job! >> brian: he joins us live with his mom next hour. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. at chico's we're famous for our so slimming jeans. ♪ now, meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. ♪ they slim, smooth, and shamelessly flatter, exactly where it matters. the so slimming collection. so fabulous. only at chico's and
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4:00 am
♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. >> anna: hey there. you are doing all right it? it's tuesday, the 20th of august, to 13. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen. the officials ousted by hillary clinton for bungling the benghazi attack now back on on e job. was this all part of the plan? were they just scapegoats to begin with? what we're learning this morning. >> brian: days ruled after a judge ruled against the stop and frisk policy, the nypd making their largest gun bust in history and a wire tap reveals the suspects feared the controversial program the judge just said wasn't effective. so does this prove stop and frisk works? >> steve: i say yes. then, a reading whiz who won a contest at his local library
4:01 am
five times in a row is being, maybe you should step aside and let somebody else win. really? really? is that fair or foul? we're going to report and you decide. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york city on this tuesday morning. welcome to everybody to studio d. we're in temporary headquarters right now while they doll up our regular studio. question we got bob the builder work hard, started at 7:00 o'clock. >> anna: can he fix it? >> steve: i hope so. >> brian: i think we debuted with the bob the builder and then kind of lost track of him. i mean, when we came in here. >> that one of the many people we give you, life sized people dressed up in costumes who don't talk. you're stuck with three minutes with a guy that just nods. >> steve: it makes good in a
4:02 am
magazine. today we got anna kooiman in for gretch. >> anna: great to be here. >> steve: we got a lot to talk about. >> anna: let's get to the headlines. the first one is a fox news alert. this is overnight, a brand-new report that the united states has secretly cut off aid to egypt amid the unrest there. that's according to democratic senator pat leahy. the white house refused to definitively say whether it believes morsi's ouster was a coup or not. about $585 million has not been disbursed yet. former disney star and actor lee thompson young died in an parent suicide. police found his body with a self-inflicted gunshot wound inside his los angeles home. officers went to check on him after he didn't show up for
4:03 am
work. young rose to fame after the show "the famous jetson." he was 29 years old. airport temporarily shutting down flights of the b-1 b bomber after a firey crash on monday. the two pilots and two weapon systems officers were able to eject from the aircraft before it went down in a remote area of montana. the crew was part of the 28th bomb wing out of south dakota's air force base. they are all expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. today the white house president obama will honor the perfect season. he's hosting the 1972 miami dolphins team. it's more than 40 years since they went 17-0. the only nfl team to go undefeated. there are more than 40 living dolphins players and also coaches. nearly all of them are going to be attending, including don
4:04 am
shula, hosting championship teams at the white house. this has become a tradition until the late 1970s and the watergate scandal was taking place at that time. those are your headlines. >> steve: that's why they're honoring them today, because of watergate back in the 1970s? finance apparently. >> brian: last minute. i don't think that will ever be broken, the undefeated season. now let's talk about what's happened in benghazi when it comes to the investigation on the united states and who dropped the ball and when didn't and what happened. they did an extensive look into this, an internal investigation, the administration commissioned with admiral mullen and mr. pickering. they look into it and decide that the best thing for them to do is identify four mid level state department employees and suspend them. it's your fault, essentially saying, is and it never got high enough to under secretary or secretary of state. you guys didn't do a good job. you're out. until today.
4:05 am
>> steve: that's right. today we're waking up with the news that the four -- remember, nobody at the higher echelons, nobody at the state department, including the secretary of state, in trouble in any way. they had to punish those four mid-level people. but today we're waking up to the news that john kerry, since he's taken over as secretary of state, has reviewed the complete account and has determined that those people did absolutely nothing wrong. they're free to return to their job. this includes former deputy assistant secretary raymond maxwell who -- he was never told why he was on administrative leave. eric boswell and department assistant assistant secretary charlene lamb, she was in charge of security in benghazi and she is back at work. not the same job, but she's back at work because, according to john kerry, did nothing wrong. >> anna: but maybe they did and maybe they didn't do anything
4:06 am
wrong, but could they potentially just be scapegoats in this and could this be part of the plan all along? the bad thing is, yes, they're back at work. they've been out of work since december. so it's been, what, eight months or so, about a year 'til the anniversary of the benghazi attacks. they've been publicly identified and humiliated and some of these guys were their friends. in fact, who you mentioned there, raymond maxwell says ambassador chris stevens who was among the four innocent americans who lost their lives was a good friend of his and he's been partially blamed for this. >> steve: right. and those ultimately right at this point, almost a year later, those four men right there, the only four who lost their jobs over what happened in benghazi because they were all killed. we had heard it was mid-level people. nobody at the top. ye did that review board with pickering and mullen, they never interviewed patrick kennedy, one
4:07 am
of the top people in the department of state. he was essentially working with hillary clinton, whatever he did, she signed off on. they never interviewed him. so how could they say nobody did anything wrong with this? it does seem a little too convenient. nobody lost their job. it's going to make a perfect entraa into presidential campaign much easier for hillary clinton if nobody got in trouble. >> brian: we know the intercepts and know exactly who killed our people. we know these were terrorist groups. we know where they were located and we could have apprehended them within days of the attack, but no one -- we got three blurry pictures to go for. they have not been brought to justice. i have not seen anyone in the administration say it's my fervent belief and goal to bring them to justice, i'm going to get to the bottom of this. the president never talks about it. he looks at it as a republican attack as a scandal.
4:08 am
>> steve: it's a phony scandal. >> brian: not saying there is not more plans for the 9-11 attack when that day comes up at our embassies around the country. we saw all our embassies be evacuated last week and we know it affects us because look at our policy in egypt. we're worried about them not securing our facility this time with 9-11 coming up if we cut off their military. now let's talk about another major story here that we discussed and around the country. it's not just about the nypd, it's the stop, question and frisk. we know that commissioners credit went on every show on sunday. he said, let me explain to you what stop and frisk is and how this judge is out of line saying the way it is instituted, there needs to be another layer of oversight. it's wrong. you get rid of this. people will die. if you don't believe the commissioner, you don't believe the mayor, you don't believe the cops here in new york city, would you believe the criminals? >> steve: yeah.
4:09 am
exactly. so they had this yesterday at city hall or the cop shop, they showed some of the 254 guns in the biggest gun bust in the city's history. they also revealed that there was a wire tap where a suspect, 23-year-old suspect from south carolina, i believe, he was wire tapped saying look, up there, we got something -- stop and frisk. so he would not take the guns into brooklyn, but instead, dropped them off in manhattan. >> brian: they had intercepts. >> steve: exactly right. so essentially the truth that that judge and a number of democrats running for mayor that they will deny that stop and frisk works if you listen to the suspect who says he didn't bring the guns in because of this. >> anna: look at all these guns that are off the streets. they said they were concerned about all this. in fact, the commissioner ray kelly also mentioned under
4:10 am
bloomberg's reign, there were 7300 fewer murders happening during that time than in the previous 11 years. also commissioner kelly pointed out that -- i just read this in the post yesterday that nypd looks like the people here, of every race, shape, size, color, you name it. he also said that minorities are really who are going to be hurt a lot by the rescinding of this. take a listen. >> the losers in this if this case is allowed to stand are people who live in minority communities. 97% of the shooting victims in new york city last year were people of color. the 11 years, full years of mayor bloomberg's term, if you compare those 11 years to the previous 11 years, there has been 7363 less murders, fewer
4:11 am
murders. so if history is any guide, clearly, those lives saved are largely the lives of people of color. we're saving lives. that's what we're engaged in. we just had a center for disease control study come out that sudden new york city has the lowest ratio of teen-agers carrying guns than any city in america. >> steve: you got to wonder whether or not, since we do have on a wiretap one of the bad guys, one of the ailed gun smugglers saying, i'm not going to go into new york city's brooklyn because of stop and frisk, you got to wonder if that -- after that judge threw it out, you know, why not? let's go. >> brian: it is modified. the supreme court said it's constitutional. let's hope they get it back. meanwhile, red light cameras are supposed to bust the people that run red lights, right? turns out those eyes in the sky are going after drivers who did nothing wrong. >> steve: not the gum chewers
4:12 am
again. and president obama has been back in washington for just one day and he's already planning on hitting the road to push his agenda. shouldn't he be sticking around to help unite congress? we have the governor next. stick around what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. wit's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill,
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>> steve: president obama returns to washington and to a divided congress. but instead of working with congressional lawmakers to heal political rifts that certainly are evident in dc and get important legislation passed, instead, he's hitting the road for a two-day bus tour promoting his agenda. >> brian: reaching across the aisle, scott walker here to weigh in. you surprised the president is going to go on the bus tour campaign-like? >> unfortunately, not surprised considering where this president has been in the past.
4:16 am
if you want to get something done, we have a big budget showdown looping here. we've got major problems in the middle east and egypt. this is the time when you need to sit down f you're a chief executive, sit down with your legislative body. in wisconsin, every wednesday morning, i meet early with the legislative leadership and then meet all morning with lawmakers in both political parties 'cause that's how you figure out how to get things done. despite the things we did with unions, 96% of the bills i signed into law were passed by republicans and democrats and that's what you got to do. you got to meet with them. >> steve: you do. but don't you think the president really has his eye on the mid terms already? >> oh, yeah. there is talk, even when i was at the white house in february, i could sense the feeling was that they were hoping they could take the sequester and put that burden on the house and somehow flip things. last few months since then, if anything, it's gone the opposite direction. >> steve: that sequester was the end of the world, wasn't it in. >> ironically, the flip is after max baucus' announcement after
4:17 am
calling obamacare a train wreck, they're worried about losing the senate. more than anything, i think he's trying to hold up the senate in the midterm election. >> anna: what kind of disservice is this to the american people? the approval rating for both the president and congress have been plummeting lately. >> the for years washington and congress, folks in our nation's capitol always have low ratings 'cause they don't get things done. that's a contrast with state houses. but it's events like this where you have an opportunity. you can bring people in early instead of waiting 'til days before the shutdown looming and unfortunately, that's what people cynically expect out of washington. it's about time somebody says no. we need to have a different approach. the president, whether i vote ford him or not, the president is still the leader of this country and he's the one that needs to step up. >> brian: the rnc has a series of meetings up in boston and they made it public that they disagree, especially with chris christie and rand paul bicker
4:18 am
bickering. chris christ says we are not a debating saying. we are a political operation that needs to win. what philosophy best suits you, governor walker? >> good politics. i put policy first. i think people want good leadership. even though the president got reelected by a significant margin, particularly in key swing states, almost every one of those key swing states is now today governed by republican governors. >> brian: you could say republican governors stabilized the economy to allow the president to win. >> there is no doubt about it. look at wisconsin and illinois, michigan and ohio, florida, think about florida. rick scott came in and the unemployment rate is 4 1/2, five points lower than when he first took office. the economic turn around in those key swing states happened more because republican leadership in the states than what's happening in washington. >> steve: it sounds like you see the opportunity for growth, as does senator rand paul. here he is on fox news sunday talk being how you bring some of the libertarians in, that's good
4:19 am
for the republicans. watch. >> it's big enough for both of us, big enough for a lot of different republicans and, in fact, we don't need to -- this all started with him saying we don't have room for libertarian republicans. the thing is that's how we grow our party. >> brian: you're not going to announce if you're running or not. yet you think it's way too early. you think it's too early for them and hillary clinton to be saying that? >> on the republican side it's too early. it's a disservice to the party and the country. we've got 36 races for governor next year. you've got a u.s. senate where we've got a real chance to get a majority, keep the house. you get the senate back, then whomever the nominee is in 2016 has a real opportunity, he or she on the republican side can ultimately come in and say, we can turn america around just like these republican governors and legislative leaders have done across the country. >> anna: it gets earlier and earlier. >> got to focus on 2014.
4:20 am
>> steve: whose desk did you get this stapler off? it looks like cavuto's. >> i worked my way through after seeing that segment out there. i go crazy overt electronic stuff. i'm going to look around and make sure there are staples. >> brian: any time you fill autopsy stapler, you're helping brian kilmeade. >> steve: straight ahead on this tuesday, it's the miraculous moment a little boy hears for the first time mom. >> i hear that! >> good job! yes. >> steve: his story. he joins us live with his mother coming up next. he hears her. >> brian: and who do you think earns the most cash? tom or giselle? this is what i wake up thinking about. it's them against the world. >> anna: i just want to look at the video. >> brian: the salaries just revealed. is this just her relaxing
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. first, 400. that's the number of jobs lost in pennsylvania because of the epa's anti-coal agenda. guess who is upset? a union boss. he claims two coal plants recently closed because they couldn't afford to follow the new regulations. and $15 per hour. that will be the new minimum wage in seattle if lawmakers get their way. it's 9.19, which is already the highest minimum wage in the country. critics say it will force retailers to cut jobs. and $42 million. that's how much giselle earned last year, making her the highest paid model in the world. also more than her husband, three time super bowl champ who lost his last two.
4:25 am
they both have good hair. steve? >> steve: so you were looking at the hair. good to know. 25 minutes aft hour. a life changing procedure for a boy on the verge of losing his hearing. >> i hear that! >> good job! yes. >> i hear that! >> good! >> steve: that is four-year-old nick hearing his mother, michelle's voice for the first time since he started going deaf at four months old. he just received cochlear implants and he, along with his mom, michelle, join us this morning from tallahassee. good morning to you michelle and nick. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: hi. >> hi. >> steve: it's a little early. michelle, he started losing his hearing early in his life, didn't he? >> he did. he did. we found out recently that he had gone completely deaf in his right ear and lost most of his
4:26 am
hearing as well in his left ear. >> steve: so your doctor said what? >> he said you need to have further evaluations to see if he's a candidate for cochlear implant. we went to the children's clinic in jacksonville and had an evaluation and he was a detainee. so we had the surgery at the end of june and the activation was done mid july. >> steve: so that's the image we're seeing that we just showed where he says, i can hear you, i can hear you. that's over a period of days and weeks, they turn it up very sloely, don't they? >> yes, exactly. >> steve: so that's the first time he had heard you since he was what, four, five months old? >> yes. to hear us clearly, yeah, 'cause he kept losing his hearing. it was so nice for him to be able to hear us again. >> steve: how does that make you feel? >> we're just thrilled. we feel so lucky that there is this technology and that our child can live a normal life now 'cause he can hear. >> steve: he is a normal boy.
4:27 am
very good. it really is a medical miracle, isn't it, what they can do now? >> it sure is. it is amazing. it really is. we feel so lucky. >> steve: fantastic. so what is he going to be up to in the fall now, now that he can hear you and hear others with the cochlear implant? >> he's going to go to full-time preschool in a regular classroom and he will work with speech therapists to work on his speech. he has to catch up on his speech. he's a little behind his friends. >> steve: sure. i understand. it's terrific. we thank you so much. thank you very much for sharing the images of where he says, i can hear you. nick, thank you very much. bye-bye. >> say bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >> steve: all right. that's great. michelle and nick joining us today from tallahassee. brings a tear, doesn't it? all right. coming up, are your beauty products hiding an ugly secret? brand-new information about what's really in your lipstick and it's not pretty, ladies.
4:28 am
and then it sounds unbelievable. the famous wrestler suddenly paralyzed. it didn't happen in the ring. it happened in his sleep. there is a lot more to this story so stick around because he's up next. [ dad ] so i walked into that dealer's office and you know what i walked out with? [ slurps ]
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>> brian: wow. time for your shot of the morning. attempting to break a death defying world record on his motorcycle. watch as he blasts through a tunnel of fire longer than a football field, temperatures reached 2,000 degrees. the new video taken moments before he crashed and was rushed to the hospital. where he remains hospitalized with third degree burns but is expected to make a full recovery. >> steve: that is crazy. >> brian: whose idea was that? >> anna: longer than a football field? are you kidding me? >> steve: 2,000 degrees. >> brian: doesn't that motorcycle use gas? >> steve: that's a good point. unless there was a gigantic ramp. i don't know. you're the sports guy. >> anna: when i first saw that, i thought it didn't seem like it was that big of a deal. you know the warrior races where people run across hot coals, all three of us did the thing out on the plaza where you got shocked with electricity and stuff.
4:33 am
but this is -- as long as a football field. this poor man! it doesn't look like there is a ramp back there. no ramp, maybe electric. i don't know. >> brian: so let's take a look at the headlines. we have a special guest. >> anna: that's right. a dead body found at the home of olivia newton john. police trying to figure out what happened. a man was found shot dead from a gunshot wound at olivia newton-john's home in florida. he was a contractor work on construction and may have taken his own life. police are not ruling out foul play. >> steve: there is another health scare this morning for vice president joe biden's son. the delaware attorney general is waking up in a hospital in houston this morning after feeling disoriented and weak. it happened during a family vacation last week. the 44-year-old had a mild stroke in 2010. he also served a year in iraq back in 2008 with the national guard. this morning he's in houston. >> brian: all right. read this.
4:34 am
>> steve: cnn's latest hire being met with strong criticism. they announced courtney sexton has been hired as the senior director for its films unit. she was a main force behind liberal documentaries like al gore's "an inconvenient truth" and jimmy carter, "man from plains." they say the move shows cnn's upcoming documentary on hillary clinton will be one sided propaganda. >> brian: i read now. 9-year-old new york boy won the library club reading contest for the fifth year in a row. instead of being congratulated, he's being told to step aside. the director says tyler weaver hogs the competition and should be banned. that's the winner. the self-proclaimed king of the reading club, he reads 63 books between june 24 and august 3. he's won every year since he was in kindergarten. they are saying if he doesn't step aside, they'll give everybody who enters or have a
4:35 am
different way of judging who the top reader is. >> steve: apparently the library director thought she would -- maybe we should change the rules, but because his mother brought this to the attention of the local media, he's the winner. >> anna: congratulations to him. that's lot of books. 35 minutes after the hour. a new report finds that many drivers, we've long thought yellow lights go too quick. is it all part to catch drivers on those red light cameras? reporter theresa priolo is live in new jersey with more. good morning. >> hey, good morning. this is an issue that you will find new jersey people griping about all across the state. why does the yellow light turn so quickly? until this point it was really just something to complain about. now there appears to be proof. let's take the intersection behind me which is here in jersey city. this is one of the intersections where there is a red light camera. the camera here is -- the red light, or the yellow light
4:36 am
should be three seconds. but one put a camera here to record how quickly the light changes and found it 2.8 seconds. that may not seem like a big deal to anybody who hasn't been caught running a remain in this community. however, it really is, especially if you're the one left with the ticket. the assemblyman leading this charge says 30% of all people ticketed are caught within the first quarter second of the light turning. this is big bucks for municipalities. and we'll see what happens. the dot is investigating. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. let's go out to maria molina with a look at the day ahead in the weather. >> good morning. i want to start out across parts of the west because out here we do have issues. we have a number of wildfires that continue to burn. we have conditions that are not good for firefighters to continue to combat the wildfires out here. we have a number of red flag warnings in effect and fire weather watches. low humidity, gusty winds in excess of 35 miles per hour and even possible lightning from several thunderstorms that could
4:37 am
fire up. it's a big concern out west. otherwise heavy rain expected again across parts of the southeast with several inches of rain in the forecast and temperature wise, we're talking summer back in the picture across sections of the midwest into the northeast. temperatures in the upper 80s and also widespread 90s. >> steve: the dog days of summer. thank you. >> brian: he ruled the pro wrestling ring for years as the total package. that's what they called him. back stage, he was drowning in a world of alcohol and drugs and addiction. he was found in prison, found god and became paralyzed. he says his faith helped hut his life back on track. lex lugar shares himself in this book. >> steve: good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> steve: what a story you've got. >> yes. >> steve: you were at absolutely the top of the wrestling world, but behind the scenes we had no idea of the personal hell you had fallen into. >> yeah.
4:38 am
sort of a good lesson for young people hopefully that read the book that we reap what we sow. it's a universal principle. everything seemed like it was going wonderful. behind the scenes i was make bad choices in who i was hanging with and all unraveled with. >> anna: what were some of the things you were doing and what did you lose because of it? >> drug, alcohol, women, and i lost my family. i had a beautiful wife and two kids. one guy said, you didn't lose them, you gave them up. he said i was chase ago life of folly. >> brian: you got a lot of money, unbelievable shape, playing to packed arenas. so you had all the trappings of fame and fortune. what was the allure that was -- you weren't prepared for? >> well, i think with anybody, i'd go home, play the good father and husband in atlanta where i lived and get on the road and i guess i didn't have any accountability. there was always temptation out there. i didn't have the accountability
4:39 am
in my life to somebody or something. for me now it's god. to really sit me down and go, what are you doing, that i felt i had to answer to. >> steve: it caught up with you 'cause you wound up spending four months in jail. but the good news is you met somebody who changed your life. >> i did. i met a chaplain in jail and stubborn me, i didn't make a decision to change my life at that point. but he pursued me outside of jail. pastor steve baskin. very special friend. he didn't try to share like religion with me 'cause i didn't grow up with religion. so he just became my friend and ended up eventually sharing the good news with me and on april 23 of 06, my life was supernaturally changed. >> anna: wow. you say you're really trying to repair all those relationships that you lost. that ego that you mentioned that was just this wild, huge ego, also brought you some success. how can people manage that in their own lives, whether it's financial success or fame or what have you? >> balance. i call it the sand versus the
4:40 am
rock. what are you building your life on. that you have faith in god, love your family and your friends and for me, it's having balance. >> brian: how did you hurt your back? >> it actually was my neck. i sat the wrong way in an airplane for a long period of time with my head turned and due to my -- long story short, my neurologist said all my muscle i had then and all my injuries normal from football and wrestling career, bone spur, i cut the blood flow off to my central cord. woke up the next morning paralyzed. thought i was dehydrated. being the athlete. >> steve: i need water. >> yeah. it wasn't. no, i needed more than water. i went to shepherd center atlanta. they gave me a 0 to 5% of any movement from the neck down. so what i can do today is incredible. i'm very thankful. >> brian: great to hear your story and hear your comeback
4:41 am
where you've been and come back. congratulations on your book. "wrestling with the devil." the true story of the world champion professional wrestler. we're in the last part now. redemption part. >> thank you. >> steve: next up, the questions are pretty personal. employees being forced to answer questions about their health or pay a big fine. is that an invasion of privacy? we got a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> brian: then say good-bye to the backstreet boys. >> steve: no, say "bye bye bye." >> brian: i don't know now about my boy bands. i'm going to give up the read. >> anna: say bye-bye bye to the backstreet boys. >> brian: i didn't know. i thought they broke up again. >> steve: bye-bye bye, lex luger
4:42 am
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♪ when we are apart i feel it too too ♪ >> steve: some quick headlines right now. justin timberlake joining his boy bonder band for a reunion. 'n sync getting back together at the mtv music awards sunday night. it will be the group's first joint performance since 2002. we told you about the dangers in lipsticks and it just got a little worse. most brands of lipstick contain some lead. but a new study finds lipstick has traces of as many as eight other metals, including titanium, aluminum, copper, and nickel. think about that next time.
4:46 am
mr. kilmeade. >> brian: does your boss have the right to ask you how much booze you drink? thanks to obamacare, employers at penn state university will have to reveal their drinking habits and other invasive medical information or face a $1,200 fine. yep. one hundred dollars a month. the reason? the university wants to cash in on government incentives offered in the health care bill. the associate professor at penn state is here and has been forced to deal with these invasive questions. how do you feel, number one, about this new policy? >> i think it's invasion of our privacy. i think that penn state in trying to customers us to turn this information over has crossed an ethical line. >> brian: in what respect? >> i would be fired if i forced my students to take this. but penn state thinks it's above the rules. they're forcing this to turn over. >> brian: professor, this is what you're faced with. these are the questions you have to answer. here is one, tell me what you think, have you had five or more alcohol drinks in a single sitting over the last six
4:47 am
months? okay? over the last two weeks, have you felt down, depressed or hopeless? so wait a second. so they're trying to figure out do you have a depression issue, which could cost money; that could be additional medical cost through a health care policy. they could want to find out do i have a potential alcoholic on my hands. technically, that should not affect my employment. >> they say it's going to be kept confidential. my concern is we turn this over to web md and they can sell it. while they say they're protecting us, we don't have a choice to participate because of these draconian fines they're imposing. this isn't just obamacare because this really isn't forced by obamacare. this is something that penn state is voluntarily choosing to do for reasons we can't understand. >> brian: we do know that the cost of their health care plans are going up. >> everyone's health care costs are going up. in this case, penn state stands alone. 5% of employers penalize their workers for not taking part in the wellness plan.
4:48 am
>> brian: how many employees are dealing with this? >> tens of thousands of employees have to face this. >> brian: these are massive changes, but financially where maybe some companies can eat this, these companies like penn state absolutely feels this. here is what they've said. that's changes may seem like bold attention for a university. however, these serious health care funding challenges leave penn state no choice but to move ahead as planned. your reaction, professor? >> it's important president obama oint tout every corporation is dealing with medical inflation. virtually no corporation has decided to impose $1,200 per year fines on its employees because they refuse to take part in a web m.d. survey. >> brian: you don't know what's exactly behind this. what do you think is behind this? >> i think they believe it will save money, but they haven't done the research because this wellness program has mixed results. this might cost more money than save. so penn state is not only doing something i think fiscally
4:49 am
irresponsible, but i think in the end, they're invading their employees' privacy and not aloying us to make a choice if we want to participate or not. >> brian: will you answer these questions? >> i will answer them and i will give them nonsense answers. >> brian: you will give nonsense answers. >> according to my survey, three feet eight-inches tall and i weigh 50 pounds. they can force me to fill it out burks can't force me to disclose my private information. >> brian: your move, penn state. 'cause i'm sure other people feel the same way. thank you very much. enjoy your semester. we'll track this story. >> thank you. >> brian: it will be affecting companies as large as yours. straight ahead, if you're one of the millions of americans struggling to finds work, stick around. cheryl casone is here. how do i know? i can see her. top companies are hiring right now. she knows where they are. first, on this day in 1985, "the power of love" by huey and the news was the number one song. his daughter went to nyu. not penn state. i know that angers you. [ male announcer ] running out of steam?
4:50 am
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at travelocity.
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4:53 am
>> anna: grab some coffee and stay a while. 7:53. the job market remains tough, but our goal is to help make it a little easier for you if you're looking for work. joining us now with the top five companies hiring right now is "fox business" network's cheryl casone. >> good morning. >> anna: first up we have union pacific. >> union pacific. founded by abraham lincoln, 1862. they are why -- why i like them, they're 20% of the work force veterans. one in five employees are veterans. they've got 4,000 jobs for 2013. the operations managers. it's good to have an engineering degree. if you don't, that's okay. they have a really good management training program. they operate in 23 states. mostly in the western part of the united states. think transportation obviously. but a great company.
4:54 am
again, management training program, really good for recent college graduates because it's just right now still -- these college kids aren't finding work right now. very frustrating that we're still here. but i'm here. >> anna: exactly. you're helping us out. amazon is adding some 7,000 jobs. that's huge. >> it is. 5,000 of these are full time. the other 2,000 are going to be part-time, maybe seasonal. this is their destruction centers. phoenix, san antonio, indianapolis. they really -- the salaries are better than average retail positions. a lot of the work, you got to be prepared to work in like a factory setting and distribution center. it can be laborious versus tanning in the store selling shirts to your friends and family and customers. this is one of those jobs that you're going to really have to work at it. but they do have benefits as well. >> anna: okay. and next up, trw automotive, based in michigan, which the cost of living there is lower. >> that's trying to lure people to come back to michigan.
4:55 am
we're seeing a large influx of people leaving michigan because of living conditions. but they do say look, it's a great place to live. you can live in ann arbor. they have 109 positions. this is the automotive industry. some of the jobs will be replacements. we're still trying to get back up to snuff when it comes to the u.s. auto industry. trw is one of those companies that's making that happen. all of the jobs are in south michigan. 109. >> anna: okay. there you go. and if you're a senior citizen and you're looking for work, ibemc may be the place for you. >> this is texas and they're known for hiring seniors to be consultants. commission based. this will not give you health benefits. again, customer service, telemarketing, financial analysts. they go and tell companies how to do their business there. the last one. >> anna: is this thank is a great opportunity for people to be their own boss. >> great clips. their business is booming because they have the app where you can check in. getting in and out, moving on.
4:56 am
we're like that, let's get this over with right now. the stylist can make 27,000 to 50,000 per year. they've got about 6500 jobs open now on the web site. that's across the country. there is a great clip in every strip mall across the country. >> anna: very affordable for the mom looking for the back to school hair cuts. >> exactly. >> anna: head to our web site and the casone exchange. >> great clips reached out to us as did ibemc. so companies are really reaching out to us. >> anna: how can they do that? >> e-mail us. for the viewers, casone exchange. >> anna: this is one of the best segments we do. thank you so much. 7:56 is the time. next up, the man who helped ed snowden expose the nsa now a government target. the brand-new information just in overnight in a live report from the white house. and then this mother of two drives for 42 minutes and came
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> anna: going to be a great day. it's tuesday, the 20th of august, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for gretchen. four state department officials ousted by hillary clinton for bungling the benghazi attacks are now back on the job. was that the plan all along? the brand-new information just in to fox news. >> steve: meanwhile, a car explodes in flames on a busy california highway. inside, a hollywood legend. look at that. screen right. that's dick van dyke, comedian. he breaks his silence on his brush with death on the gold coast. >> brian: wow. doctors pronounced her dead. but turns out they were wrong. after nearly an hour, a miracle procedure brings a woman back to life. the story she might have for us,
5:01 am
we'll tell you about it because "fox & friends'" final hour, we are still alive right after this animation. >> steve: it was a scary day for dick van dyke. a lot of us grew up watching him. we didn't know whether he was going to trip on the ottoman that week or go around it. that's his car! that's his jag! >> anna: they find him hunched over. >> steve: passed out. >> anna: i love he's got a sense of humor through the whole thing. we'll get to t bit. but wow. >> brian: chitty chitty bang bang fire. >> steve: one of the things about dick van dyke, he was here about a year and a half, two years ago to promote his book, he's a big fan of "fox & friends." >> brian: really? >> anna: good morning. >> steve: you'll be on in about a minute, dick. >> anna: stay tuned. now to your headlines. a scare in the air for passengers on an air tran flight from maryland to texas.
5:02 am
officials say a man on board flight 265 to austin last night tried opening two emergency exits on the back of the plane, but flight attendants were able to pull him away. the flight made an emergency landing in memphis and the suspect was taken into custody. investigators say the man did not appear to be intoxicated or unruly and nobody was hurt there. another health care this morning for vice president joe biden's son, beau. the delaware attorney general is waking up in a hospital in houston after feeling disoriented and weak. it happened during a family vacation last week. the 44-year-old had a mild stroke in 2010. he also served a year in iraq in 2008-2009 with the national guard. here we are, scary moments for actor dick van dyke. he was driving on a los angeles freeway when all of a sudden, his car caught on fire. >> it just started making a noise. i thought i had a flat at first. then it started smoking.
5:03 am
then it burned to a crisp. not only that, there was a fireman and nurse and a cop just happened to be passing by. >> wow. >> somebody is looking after me. >> anna: three good samaritans rushed to pull the 87-year-old out of that burning car. after the incident, he tweeted a picture of his jaguar with the caption, used jag for sale, real cheap. miraculous story out of australia. a mother of two brought back to life after being declared clinically dead for 42 minutes. after suffering a major heart attack, vanessa was rushed to the hospital where doctors pronounced her dead. this morning she's alive and well thanks to a new high-tech cpr machine called thumper. while the machine kept blood flow to her brain, surgeons were able to shock her heart back into a normal rhythm. unbelievable. >> brian: it is. is the reporter who helped expose the nsa scandal now a
5:04 am
government target? his partner was detained and questioned for hours. he's not a journalist, but always helps out his life mate. this morning we know the u.s. knew about the plan ahead of time. doug mckelway live at the white house. >> yeah, his name is david miranda, the partner of guardian journalist glenn greenwald. as he was attempt to go join him in brazil sunday, he was detained by british authorities. he was held for several hours. his laptop and all electronic devices were confiscated from him. he says he was asked, quote, about his entire life and in the aftermath of that detention, the white house said that it was forewarned about the detention. >> there was a heads up that was provided by the british government. again, this is something that we had an indication was likely to occur, but it's not something that we've requested and it's something that was done
5:05 am
specifically by the british law enforcement. >> some have criticized the white house for not intervening trying to halt the detention. another example, some critics say, of the white house being less than transparent about these kinds of surveillance programs. >> i think the white house has lost credibility and i think the government generally has been operating with a definite sit of trust in the area of surveillance for the past few years. they've been saying one thing publicly to congress and to the courts and it turns out that quite another thing has been taking place behind closed doors. >> the british home office issued a statement about miranda's detention shortly afterwards. it said in part, quote, if the police believe that an individual is in possession of highly sensitive stolen information that would help terrorism, then they should act and the law provides them with a framework to do that. those who oppose this sort of action need to think about what they are condoning. the editor of the guardian has
5:06 am
admitted the british government threatened legal action against that newspaper unless they either returned all of the documents that snowden provided to greenwald or destroyed them. back to you, brian. >> brian: all right. thanks a lot. comprehensive. here is the thing, edward snowden stole them. he brought a thumb drive in, stole all this information, no doubt about it. it's compromised our security. it's strained our relations with other nation, some of which are friendly and gave great knowledge to our enemy, terrorists, who have altered the way in which they communicate. if this reporter has that in his possession, if, in fact, he does, is it our right to get our stuff back and to stop the bleeding? >> steve: here is the thing, there are a lot of people who feel like it's a good thing we know what the government is doing, what the government is spying on us. but what's extraordinary about this is they stopped that guy right there, that miranda guy, for nine hours. they said under the terrorism
5:07 am
act in great britain, it wasn't counterterrorism at all. to some it looks like retaliation and intimidation by the u.k. government that works closely with our government. if that guy was a courier, he had some more stolen american files and stuff like that, i get that. but if they were simply trying to intimidate a family member of glenn greenwald that, is not good. >> brian: schedule 7 under the terrorism act, they're allowed to question a guy like him for up to nine hours. they took the full nine hours. >> steve: did it look like terrorism? >> brian: did he have intelligence with him? he had something with him. they evidently still have it. >> steve: all right. we're going to be talk being that throughout the day here on the channel. meantime, it was back in december when the department of state, they had this internal review and figured out, you know with a? with benghazi, there was some problems. so what we're going to do is tell four mid-level employees, not the people at the top, hillary clinton and her immediate deputies -- we're
5:08 am
going to tell these four mid-level people to clean out their desk and hand over their badges. john kerry now fast forward is secretary of state. he's reviewed all the stuff and he has declared that, you know what? they can come back to work. they did nothing wrong. they're going to get reassigned, but none the less, they can come back to the department of state. >> anna: is this just kind of part of the plan all along, just wait a little while until it blows over? they were put out of a job in december, so it's been eight months now. was this just -- were they used as scapegoat, these men and women? they say they had nothing to do with the events leading up to benghazi. >> steve: charlene lamb was in charge of the security there in benghazi. >> anna: they did have a bit of policy involvement with libya, but they say not a ton. again, mid-level, not the top. we haven't seen any arrests from any of this. these people, yes, they're back on the job, which is good for
5:09 am
them. they feel i imagine. but they have been publicly humiliated and targeted and identified as being responsible in some ways over the last eight months. >> brian: tom pickering and admiral mullen put together a report that the administration accepted and embraced and they concluded that these mid-level guys didn't tell the people above them. all right. so they were relieved temporarily. told to hand in their badges. then they got word yesterday, come to work on tuesday. so who is right? was it a bad report, bad conclusions put together by mullen and pickering, or are they being ignored now by the secretary of state kerry, which means that he has a better inquiry, better than the one that was commissioned by the administration? by the way, have you ever seen an administration who is so aggressive with drone attacks in pakistan, we find out even in yemen, we don't seem to have any interest in getting the people that killed our guys on 9-11 in benghazi. we have a blurry picture. >> steve: you know what? we know who they are.
5:10 am
we've identified them. yet we do nothing. perhaps part of it has to do with the fact that there is some national -- it's hard to prosecute some of these people given the national security situation as it is right now. >> brian: 'cause they have nowhere to put them. >> steve: that's my point. can't send them to gitmo. this administration wants to close them down. it will be hard to drone them. remember, we heard -- don't blame hillary clinton. what matter does that make. extraordinarily, they did not interview a number of her top deputies, including patrick kennedy, who everything that he signed off on regarding benghazi, she ok'd. why did the review board never talk to him? that seems kind of crazy, doesn't it? >> brian: it does. real quick when it comes to egypt, it's affecting our policy there. we're afraid to cut off our $1.4 billion because we feel as though the military will get mad at us and not protect our embassy with 9-11 just around
5:11 am
the corner like they did so terribly last year. they breached our fences. there was a sense that they were going to get into our embassy in cairo. now the muslim brotherhood is gone. the military is something we've always supported. we cut them off. they could let our guy sit out there naked. >> anna: real quick, we're learning this morning that the president has cut off some of that military aid secretly and critics are saying -- >> brian: what's the point. >> anna: in secret is because then he has the flexibility to go back and change it in the future. >> brian: in secret. >> steve: let's tell you about this, there is a school where on the wall they've got some art work that says god is dead. and one of the kids in the school -- there it is right there -- they say that's all part of arthur miller's play "the crucible" and that's depicted and some families were amazed that that was allowed given the fact that you can't pray in school. but you can put god is dead on the wall? we had some of the parents on "fox & friends" earlier. they don't think it's quite
5:12 am
right. >> it just seems to me that if the school is going to say, we do not have religion in school. we do not have it through the academic part of things, and if you're not going to teach god and you're not going to teach the good of god, then i don't believe you should be plastering god is dead, satan lives and there is no heaven, there is only hell. it doesn't sound like a very positive thing for kids to come in and see. >> anna: it happened in newton county, georgia. the school is saying they have absolutely no plans of taking down the art work. that that's what it is, is student art work and they can put it up there. yet at the same time, we hear other school systems saying in the pledge of allegiance, let's take out one nation under god. >> steve: down at that school what they're doing is going to he explain to all the students the reason we've got these god is dead signs up on the wall is because it's all part of a play. what do you think? >> brian: write us. we all have twitter accounts.
5:13 am
coming up straight ahead. steve, you read. >> steve: thank you at kilmeade. 2 plus 2 no longer has to equal 4. students can get answers wrong and still get credit. we were talking about this yesterday. the debate over our nation's controversial new curriculum standards coming up. >> brian: then what drives you crazy at the office? >> this is a paper jam! i swear to god, i put this out the window! >> anna: keep sending us all your e-mails and tweets. we'll be reading a bunch of those in just a bit too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ]
5:14 am
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5:17 am
>> anna: 16 minutes after the hour. talk about trouble with our schools, under new education standards, students can get any answer wrong and get a passing grade. >> 3 times 4 was 11. if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in words and in oral explanations. and they showed it in the picture if they just got the final number wrong, we're really focusing on the how. >> anna: everybody has been fired up on this on social media. do you agree? joining me for a fair and balanced debate amber winkler, research director at the thomas b. fordham institute, and a former teacher. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> anna: whitney, i'm going to start with you. shouldn't kids want to strive to get the right answer and achieve to do their best? >> they should. we should be teaching children to work hard to strive to get the best answer. obviously problem solving and critical thinking is important,
5:18 am
but there is an end goal in mind. it's getting the right answer. we tonight want to raise a generation of children who think they can talk their way out of a paper bag but never find the right answer. >> anna: amber we don't want to breed a nation of bsers, right? but you say that there have been all sorts of silly things that have been put out by the schools, but this is not necessarily one of them. why do you defend it? >> yeah. a lot of people are saying this is for -- this is because of the common core standards, which is voluntarily standards that states have come together to adopt in english and reading and math. this has nothing to do with the common core standards. it's just a big political ruse. the standards that are in place are actually better than the standards in 48 of our states. so really what we're look at here is a bunch of misinterpretation of the standards that a lot of states are adopting and so if this is what schools are teaching, they are not actually reading the standards that they have in front of them.
5:19 am
this is just a bunch of hooey, frankly. these standards are more rigorous than what we have in place. they're voluntary, they're state led. a lot of people want to act like they're federal curriculum and it's not true. so the people that -- the states that have voluntarily closen to implement these standards have read the standards because they're great and they're going to do vastly better for our kids than what we have in place. >> anna: you're saying what this person said in the video that we just showed obviously still wants them to get the right answer. that's better than getting the wrong answer and being a able to explain your way out. >> absolutely. a lot of vendors are saying they're align to the common core standard, but they haven't read them. so a lot of these schools are saying they're aligned to the common core and they're not. tey this is good curriculum, these are bad curriculum. the common core are good standards. i hope they don't go down for politics and stupidity. >> anna: wendy, what do you
5:20 am
think? 45 of our 50 states have signed on to this. >> 45 of the 50 states applied for a race to the top funding. but a lot of them applied before the standards were released. so to say these states knew what they were buying into when they got it is one thing. she's right, there are standards and these people are buying package curriculum. but i think that's what you run into when you have this nationally special interest driven set of standards and states are trying to figure out how they're going to implement them and what process to do with it with and they have limited resources. >> anna: thank you for your time. we want a nation of problem solvers, but we want the right answer for sure. thanks so much. 20 minutes after the hour now on your tuesday morning. a hollywood death mystery. a man shot dead and found in olivia newton john's home. the new details straight ahead. and then she was attacked by a black bear not once, but twice. wait until you hear how she escapes because the experts say what she did was the worst thing you can do. maybe we'll get some advice on
5:21 am
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so make sure they've got somewhere to write it. this ek only get composition books for a dime. staples has it. staples. that was easy.
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5:24 am
>> anna: 24 minutes after the hour. let's get going. quick headlines. a bizarre twist in the kidnapping of hannah anderson and the murder of her family. the suspect, james dimaggio, left six figures to them in a life insurance policy. the teen-ager's grandmother is now the beneficiary. and we've told you about the dangers in lipsticks. most brands contain lead. but a new study finds lipstick has traces of as many as eight other metals, including titanium, aluminum, copper, and nickel. so sorry, steve, you're out of
5:25 am
luck with the lipstick you're wearing. >> steve: thank you. she was mauled by a black bear not once, but twice. there is one thing she did that saved her life. but some experts say it's the worst thing she could have done. her name is abbey. she's our guest today. joining us from grand rapids, michigan. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. so there you were. you were out in the woods. you were jogging. what happened? >> i just saw a bear. i was like oh, my gosh, there is a bear charging after me. so i took off the other way 'cause that's what my instincts told me to do. i did. >> steve: you thought you could outrun it and you couldn't. >> i knew for a fact i couldn't outrun it. but i tried. >> steve: okay. so it got real close to you and what did it do to you? >> it took me down with its paw. >> steve: just like that.
5:26 am
>> yeah. >> steve: what did you try do? >> i tried to, like, it kick it off me and i was screaming, like trying to guard my face and stuff. yeah. >> steve: but the bare was gigantic. it was much bigger than you. >> it was bigger than me. but it wasn't like -- it was 200 pounds maybe. if that. >> steve: so you were trying to fight it off. but at one point, didn't you try to pet it? >> yeah. the second time it kind of stopped. so i was like good bear, please don't hurt me again. but that didn't work. >> steve: of course it didn't. but then you did something that you picked up on a disney channel show that actually saved your life. >> yeah. >> steve: what did you do? >> i guess something good can come from tv. >> steve: we feel the same way, but what did you do? >> i played dead. >> steve: you played dead. where did you get that information? >> from austin and ali from disney channel.
5:27 am
>> steve: man. you know, that is the advice that some experts say is the last thing you should do. but in your case, it actually worked out. >> uh-huh. it did. >> steve: man. after that all happened and you were taken to the hospital, how are you right now? >> i'm in a lot of pain, but it's only temporary. it will go away. >> steve: are you going to go running down that road again in the woods? >> not alone. but i'll just run on my road for now. >> steve: yeah. and i understand aside from the fact that you made this miraculous escape, one of the things you were upset about was you were not able to make what appointment? >> my soccer game. >> steve: there is all another soccer game, though. you'll be fine in how many weeks to go play? >> about six. >> steve: all right. what a story. she's alive today because of the disney channel.
5:28 am
abbey joining us from grand rapids. thank you very much. you're a lucky girl. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, a u.s. marine allowed to fight for his country, but banned from college football. this story had so many of you fired up yesterday, this morning there is a big update that will put a smile on your face. and then turns out you can have lunch in a hurry. we'll be back to find out what you should put in your brown bag coming up bacon?! gotta get that bacon! yummy, crunchy, bacon bacon bacon there in that bag! who wants a beggin' strip? me! i'd get it myself, but i don't have thumbs! mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm it's beggin'! mmm, i love you. (announcer) beggin' strips...there's no time like beggin' time. backflips and cartwheels.mile? love, warmth.
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okay google now. call my droid. the new droid ultra by motorola. when strength matters, droid does. >> why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam? one day i swear to god, i put this out the window! >> you and me, man. thing is lucky i'm not armed. >> steve: calm down. send them a pdf. nobody works with paper anymore. >> anna: problem solved. >> brian: we discussed this in the break. one of the biggest things is when i see your copier, the harder it is to find someone who can fix your copier. >> steve: sure. >> brian: it's out of paper, but there are so many different drawers for the paper, how do we know which the machine is choosing? >> anna: we're talking about a new survey out of the u.k. is
5:33 am
saying that it happens to brits twice a day over who makes the tea and other things like that. it could be over the coffee, technology. >> steve: people who take off and have extra long smoke breaks. here are some of the things that bug us here in the office. i can't tell you how many times i have walked by a person -- i'm not going to identify them. they work in this building. they don't think i can see their screen, but they're playing solitaire. that just kind of bugs me. >> anna: technology crashes and it makes me want to jam my eyeballs out and curse the world. >> brian: for me it's we have 100 staplers, but only one has staples. >> steve: how great was it today the governor of the great state of wisconsin brought you a stapler. >> brian: right. but it was from our own building. here is what's most important, what you think. what enrages you? >> steve: bob in atlanta says, i have two co-workers who cut their fingernails at their desk. it should be a crime. >> brian: i had a guy open up a
5:34 am
fingernail cutting board and cut his nails on the train the other day. brian from ohio says when people take the last cup of coffee without making another pot. >> steve: also, here is a tweet from lynn. i can't stand loud talkers on speaker phone who won't close the door. do i really need to be in your meeting? hash tag disgrace. >> brian: we should follow that hash tag then. >> steve: i think we just invented it. >> brian: okay. here is -- want to do more? >> steve: why not? >> brian: okay. i'm tired of this. we'll move on. 26 minutes after the top of the hour. your stories that you care most about. a dead body found at the home of olivia newton john at her home in florida. according to reports, the man was a contractor working on construction. he may have taken his own life. police are not ruling out foul play.
5:35 am
>> steve: one of our nationest bravest heros is scoring a big victory against the ncaa. marine steven rhodes has been cleared to play right away for the middle tennessee state university football team. the defensive end served with the marines for five years. the ncaa initially said he couldn't play because he took part in a rec league when he was a marine. >> the first thing i did, thank you, lord. that's my first step towards my dream. got to give 100% in everything i do. >> steve: he will do fine. the blue raiders season opener is august 29 versus western carolina. >> brian: young killer whale stranded off the coast of canada and crying for its mother for weeks. (cry sound)
5:36 am
>> steve: that's a whale crying? >> brian: it sounds like it. rescuers tried to get the baby to leave the shallow bay, but it was too scared. so they finally towed a line behind the boat while playing whale calls and the little guy followed right behind to the open sea where his family was waiting. >> steve: like a real life free willie. >> brian: right. if that wasn't the story, it's good enough for me. it seems to be. anna is outside, isn't she? >> steve: she is. what are you up to? >> anna: i have been running. my heart rate is up. moms and dads, do you want to get your kids to eat something healthy? is that what they want when you're packing their lunch? it turns out there is an easy way to encourage them to do the right thing, have them prepare it themselves. i'm joined by sydney, the ten-year-old champion of the beginner cook contest. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> anna: thanks for being with us and also celebrity chef marcus samuelson. >> how are you. >> anna: the uncle ben's rice company has decided to do what
5:37 am
with $150,000? >> i'm super excited. today we're going to set a world record. it's all about getting families, kids and parents to eat healthier with healthier recipes. we're going to go to the public library and do this big world record where we get tons of families to cook together, healthy recipes and sydney won last year. >> anna: and the deal is $150,000 are going to kids and their schools. what's the name of your recipe that you won with? >> chicken and rice. >> anna: it's been going on for generations in your family and in your three minute video submission, you did this. let's see what we're doing. you told me what we're going to do, then we're going to start the clock. what goes into it? >> i'm going to put in some rice and then some chicken and corn, of course. >> anna: right. chicken, corn. and all this. we just put a little bit in there, right? >> yes. >> anna: we got 90 seconds. >> all right. >> anna: marcus, can you tell us to start the clock? you're going to be starting it. >> one, two, let's go!
5:38 am
>> anna: wait a minute. over here! >> you got to run over here! >> all right. we're going to do a wrap. >> anna: a little bit of this. a little bit of this. we got pinto beans, scallions. >> we're going to wrap it up with some tomatoes. >> anna: tomatoes. >> let's go. >> anna: let's see. you know what? this looks very good. 15 seconds. god to go! got to go! >> there you go. >> anna: marcus, what's the best way to wrap this up? >> i'm with sydney here. you're on your own. >> anna: time to eat. >> good job. >> anna: i won! on your own recipe! congratulations on winning last year. marcus, this is really exciting that you're doing this for another kid this year. >> thank you for having us. >> anna: i'm going to try this
5:39 am
out. tasty. steve, brian, i'll bring you some. >> brian: you better. >> steve: bring two. >> brian: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. governor chris christie agree to go let children take medical marijuana, at least this child. is this a good idea? up next, a father here to defend giving it to his own daughter. he says it put her cancer in remission. >> steve: and he's open for taylor swift and about to go on tour with dierks bentley. charlie warsham will be here. you're coming up. you ready? >> brian: they've been here all morning. have joint pain and stiffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel for my pain and stiffness, and to help stop joint damage. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events
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and shamelessly flatter, exactly where it matters. the so slimming collection. so fabulous. only at chico's and >> steve: welcome back. the prosecutors in the case against major nidal hasan, the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 during a shooting rampage at fort hood could wrap up as early as today. kriv reporter is live in fort
5:43 am
hood, texas, where the trial is going to start this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. the sun is now risen on what will be the last day probably of the prosecution's case, nidal hasan likely to take over the case sometime later today or perhaps tomorrow. the judge asked him once again, do you want to keep acting as your own attorney? she asked him that yesterday. he said yes, i do. of course, the big news yesterday is the judge would not allow the prosecution to introduce evidence regarding nidal hasan's mindset, his motive prior to that shooting. possibly she wants to make sure no evidence is introduced that will lead to an appeal, reversal of a conviction in an appeals court later on. so that's the situation here right now. prosecution, steve, expected to rest sometime today. >> steve: all right. ford, thank you very much. we'll have live updates throughout the day. brian, over to you.
5:44 am
>> brian: thanks. meet the eight-year-old oregon girl already fought cancer and beat it. now she's in remission and feeling great. thanks mostly to medical marijuana. more and more states are approving that drug for kids. the latest new jersey where governor chris christie said on friday, quote, parents and not government regulators are best suited to decide how to care for their children. one big question remains. is this stuff safe for kids in the long-term? i'm joined by her dad who has got to be happy and a doctor. president-elect of the american society of addiction professionals. first off, for your daughter it worked. what's your message to other parents that have kids that will try anything to get their kids out of trouble? >> my first thing to say to another parent who is seeking to do this with their child is don't hesitate. it won't hurt. it will help you more than anything that's out there right now. >> brian: how is michaela long-term? any effects from the medical marijuana she used during that
5:45 am
period? >> yeah. she has had positive effects on her health and general well-being through awele of -- all of this. it benefited her greatly. >> brian: dr. vaughn, we know chris christie said i'm going to help this family out. i'm going to help them. you're not going to smoke this. they'll ingest this. that was one thing. do you have concerns about children getting medical marijuana for their medical conditions? >> yes. marijuana is a potentially harmful drug and it does have an addictive potential. there are certain specific chemicals in marijuana that do have specific therapeutic effects. but they should be studied through research protocols and used according to standard medical procedures. for example, there is one that is available now that can be prescribed. it's gone through all of the scientific rigor and can be made available to children with that
5:46 am
scientific rigor. >> brian: you shook your head, brandon. why? >> that drug is a derivative of cannibus. it's a synthetic form of this. >> brian: and you don't feel it would have been effective for michaela? >> it could potentially have been effective, but erin and i believe that all of the compounds found in this plant have benefited her greatly all in unison. not just singularly. >> brian: do you think, doctor, studies like this, when you see a young child get better because of the use of marijuana, isn't that a study in itself? >> well, there are other forms of marijuana in medicinal forms that have been tested, according to scientific rigor. for example, there is one which is an inhalable extract of marijuana which does contain all of the active ingredients in marijuana. that's available in canada and europe and could potentially be available in the united states.
5:47 am
the trouble with crude marijuana is that it can be very toxic. it can be addictive and it can be a gateway drug to a lot of adolescents and many adolescents and even children now are using it as early as eight and ten years old, smoking marijuana. they will go on to develop more severe addictive disorders and many of them will suffer consequences, either directly as a result of abusing marijuana or because as a gateway drug, they will use other harder drugs and there is a morbid iterate -- morbidity rate associated with marijuana. >> brian: thanks so much for joining us and sharing your real life stories and the real life concerns. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, he's opened for tailor swift and -- taylor swift and about to go on tour with dierks
5:48 am
bentley. charlie worsham is here. let's check in with gregg jarrett who would like to join a band and go on the road. >> i'd love to be a rock star with long hair. that's my dream. looks like nobody will be faulted in the u.s. government for failing to protect the lives of four americans murdered in benghazi. does that just support hillary clinton's claim, what difference does it make? also, the obama administration now resorting to prize money and contests to gain support for obamacare. really? has it come to that? and karl rove on the hillary movie, top of the hour you need a girls' weekend and you need it now. ladies, let's goo vegas. cute!
5:49 am
waiter! girls' weekend here! priceline savings without the bidding. ♪ [ female announcer ] when your swapportunity comes, take it. ♪ what? what? what? [ female announcer ] yoplait. it is so good.
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5:52 am
>> anna: he's worked with eric church and dierks bentley and opened shows for taylor swift and miranda lambert and one of nashville's hottest stars. and his debut album is coming out today. >> that's it. >> anna: good morning. >> good morning. >> anna: you are a newcomer, but you're in good company and you say that you really are look for longevity for somebody like vince gill. how do you achieve that? >> i think you treat everybody with kindness and respect, the way that the national music community has a tradition of doing. and surround yourself with good folks. i got my band with me today and always try to make the best music you can. >> steve: and you are living proof that those lessons, those music lessons when you're in kindergarten paid off. although, didn't you used to play the banjo? >> oh, don't worry, i still play the banjo. >> steve: okay, good! >> it's always nearby. >> brian: what do you have for us now? n this is my first single, my
5:53 am
first top 20 song on country radio called "could it be." got to shoot my first music video thanks to this song and it's taken my across the country. >> steve: let her rip. >> thanks. ♪ i'm finally holding what i've been hoping for ♪ ♪ we had a few drinks ♪ some laughs at the bar ♪ stayed out too late ♪ and we know a little too far ♪ all with you on my chest ♪ then again i might just change your name ♪
5:54 am
♪ could be i'm finally holding what i've been hoping for ♪ ♪ could it be it's just what i'm looking for ♪ ♪ what i'm seeing now ♪ you're number one ♪ friends all agree ♪ ♪ all i know is i don't want to be alone ♪ ♪ who knows we might go down ♪ then again i might just change your name ♪ ♪ could it be i'm finally holding what i've been hoping
5:55 am
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5:56 am
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5:59 am
you guys did a great job. they're going to play another number in the after the show show. log on right now to. >> brian: is that all right with you guys? >> absolutely. >> brian: because we don't have any instruments. sinbad will be on tomorrow. i know you wish he was here. tall, funny.
6:00 am
and janna kramer will be here. do you know her? >> i do, we're label mates. >> brian: you go to the same christmas party? >> that's right. >> brian: maria and anna, great job. you're going to handle the after the show show, right? >> anna: yeah. and go to radio. >> brian: right. see you tomorrow. martha: guys, thank you so much. and folks news alert this morning on breaking new developments right now out of egypt the u.s. is reportedly continue to evaluate is the word of the morning our aid to the middle east nation while conducting a broad review of what you're seeing into these pictures. unbelievable scenes of unrest in egypt. so many questions where all of this is headed. saudi arabia said they will step up and fill in any aid that is missing if the united states decides to pull back on it. so you've got that in the equation as well today. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom." gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. os